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Post by NathanKinnick on Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:00 pm

If you find a known bug that has been pushed to any public branch (aka, others might have this bug in their build), please report it here in the comments. If you have fixed one of the bugs here, please also report that, along with the date it was fixed and the repository branch that the fix is in.

#BugID - [Assigned To (optional)] - Description
Copy this for a new one when editing: # - .

Next Bug ID: #020.

BUGS (known):

#002 - Character can begin charging an attack right as they go off a ledge, allowing them to charge while falling.
#014 - [Assigned to Jeffrey] - [Temporary fix: No scaling (goal is to have scaling for both the path and the object following the path to have parameters)] Following a Spline Path causes rescaling to happen, because transform is being fetched, which includes scale.
#16 - If an attackbox is created while overlapping a hurtbox and neither move, the hitbox will never trigger a collision.
#19 - [Assigned To Jeffrey] - Path Followers are not cleaning up their paths correctly.


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