8-27-2015 Meeting notes with Ben & Alain

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8-27-2015 Meeting notes with Ben & Alain

Post by olivia.bell on Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:42 am

Meeting with Ben and Alain - 8/27/2015

Episodic prototype
5 segments
Enough to prove that we have the stuff to make 5 whole segments
Don’t need to be radically different waves of enemies but should be a proof of concept
Due next Friday
Need to see enough that we know it will work
Repetitive waves, moving from level to level
Can’t be repetitive if you have only 5 segments- can have 25 and each 5 are the same, that’s ok
Need to see variety
Confidence in gameplay
Avoid blank spaces- have SOMETHING in the level
Otherwise the actual gameplay needs to be fantastic
Use choke points, high ground even without art assets
3 varied segments with a good intro/outro are ok

Prove we know how to use unreal’s tools

Put in David’s rig into unreal to show we know how to use these tools
Same for environment
Not about being beautiful, needs to show that we know how to put everything together

Show reasons why this is a co-op game in the gameplay


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