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Custom Components

Post by r.jones on Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:57 pm

This is a list of all components the Dev team have made, and what they are for:

Gameplay Group:

  • Loot Dropper: Spawns actors in a radial fashion when an Actor dies.
  • Collectible: Adds collectible property to an Actor. Collectibles can be collected by Collectors
  • Collector: Add this to an Actor so that it can pick up Collectibles. It will send out an event to those who subscribe to it so it will know what it just collected.

Path Group:

  • Path: A more convenient version of a spline.
  • Path Follower: Follows a Path (to start moving, call the "Launch" function).
  • Handled Ending Path Follower: Ditto + can end with extra behaviours (looping, reversing, etc.).
  • Custom Rotation Path Follower: Ditto + can override Unreal's default rotation behavior of looking in the direction of movement (Unreal has gimbal lock).

Combat Group:

  • Base Hurt Box: Contains combatant information (stats, perks, buffs, etc.).
  • Base Attack Box: Contains changes to combatant information (damage, debuffs, etc.).
  • Moving [Hurt / Attack] Box: Same as above two, but has a built in Path Follower.
  • Combat Effect Response Functor: Base class for what combat effects do (behaviors of buffs, debuffs, knockback, etc.).
  • Base Team: Base class for defining team hierarchies (used in determining what team a hurt box is on or whether an attack can apply to a hurt box).

Behavior Trees:

  • Decorators
    • Distance To: A better c++ implemented version of the distance to target. Takes vectors or Objects

  • Services

    • Find Enemy: A service which will find an object and store it in a blackboard.

  • Actions


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